Sunday, June 9, 2013

Welcome Summer!!

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since my last post but we have been very busy!! School is finally over and now the fun begins! My dad has been doing wonderfully! He is up and about everyday and is keeping himself occupied with projects around the house:) Just yesterday he was busy fussing around with some wiring for lights downstairs! He loves making breakfast too and I have to say I'm not about to complain! As for his appointments, he is still going once a week down to Rochester and he has a bone marrow test on day one hundred. Although his counts have been coming up pretty consistently we wont know for sure what that means until we get the results back. His medications are still a bit of a pain but hopefully a few of those can be reduced if the results to the test are good. With summer comes new life and for us I'm praying that things will only get better. My family and my dad have come so far and for all of us I think we only have hope. Thank you for your support and love!
-My posts are going to return to random! This Sunday thing is not working because my schedule is extremely  busy! I do apologize for that.
~Laura Katchmark