Friday, November 7, 2014

In These Final Days

Hello to Everyone, 

~Today I post very upsetting news. I would only ask you all to remember that this is a terrible thing for me to write as we are still living it. It is only fair for you to know what is happening as you have read my blog from the very beginning and that I thank you for.~ 

As you all know, my parents made the trip down to Houston, Texas on the 13th of October. They came down with the intention of participating in a clinical trial that showed promising results in other patients. He did not qualify for this trial because the doctors found plaque building up behind his eye and this increased his risk for a stroke greatly. They also found a subdural hematoma (bleeding in the space between the brain and the lining that covers the brain). This was a major and unexpected set back for my dad. Instead of focusing on destroying the cancer, the doctors turned their attention to stopping the bleeding in his brain. 

They were continuing this treatment up until my dad tripped and fell on November 3rd. This fall has ended all hope of recovering. He fell on his head very very hard which has caused even more bleeding. His brain is swelling and being pushed to one side as the bleeding continues. It is also causing him to be in a state of confusion. Because of his headaches, the doctors have him on major pain medications (which I am very thankful for). Due to these medications, he will go through periods of sleep and when he wakes up he can answer questions, recognizes his family, and has even made a few jokes. He doesn't always remember what happened to him and he sometimes isn't able to speak in complete sentences or very clearly for that matter. It just depends. As the bleeding progresses, his platelet count will drop and this will cause even more bleeding. This process has already begun. We have consulted every doctor here who specializes in leukemia and they have said that giving more platelets at this point would just be more cruel than beneficial. It would prolong what we have all dreaded. At this point, his comfort is all that matters. 

I am so sorry to deliver this news. My dad had every intention of surviving. He is such a brave man and such a wonderful, wonderful dad and husband. He tried everything he possibly could have tried. His body has been through so much, and looking at him now gives me physical pain. Despite feeling so sick, he has been a dutiful and sweet patient for two years. He told us before coming down to Texas that the only way he would go, is to go down fighting. This is just horrible, and it is a huge, huge loss for all of us. Yesterday, when my sister and I arrived in Texas we thought he was going to die. He was sleeping and nobody believed he would wake up. The three of us, (my mom, sister, and I) talked to him and held his hands and kissed his face. All of the sudden, his eyes opened and he knew exactly who we were. He told all of us how much he loves us and how proud he was to have such a wonderful family. That was one of the most precious memories I will ever have. It also proves just what a strong spirit he has. The doctors believe that the bleeding will progress pretty quickly from here on out, but they said that because of his spirit he could have up to a week left. Nobody knows for sure. 

Please remember who my dad truly was. He was passionate, dynamic, funny, loving, kind, creative, hard working and always up to something wonderful. He had a giggle like no other, loved telling stories and for me, his bear hugs were the best things in the world. He was a wonderful cook, an excellent teacher, and my biggest fan.  He loved the outdoors more than anyone I know and some of my favorite memories are of us hunting or working outside. A dad is irreplaceable in a girl's life and my dad is going to hold a special place in my heart forever. I love him, I always will but his journey here on this earth is almost over. 

Please pray for peace, for his comfort, and for a quick passing from this life. There is no need for him to suffer. 

Thank you all for your love, and support. It has meant everything to us and my dad wouldn't have gotten as far as he did without you holding him up. 

Laura Katchmark  

Forever, and always in my heart. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Down to Texas

Good Evening Everyone, 

Its been a long time since I've written anything in the blog and my hands are a bit rusty! As usual, plenty has happened from the last update and this includes a ridiculous amount of homework on my end. Because of this homework, and the (VERY) busy lifestyle that college has to offer, I will only post if there is something either wonderful or truly serious to share with you. I will also post a status update on Facebook just to help spread the word:) So before I get into more recent events, I will give you a brief overview of what has happened in the past few weeks.

After my dad got out of the hospital, he met with his primary doctor at the Mayo (Dr. Hogan). Because of how much weight my dad has lost (around sixty pounds) and how much chemo his organs had to endure, he is in a rough position to attempt a second stem cell transplant. For MDS leukemia, this is the only known cure available. Dr. Hogan told him that he can either continue treatment with a high possibility of dying from the side effects of more chemo, or he can stop treatment and have a limited amount of time left. Of course, none of us were satisfied with these options. Dr. Hogan recommended that we seek a second opinion from the number one cancer facility in the country. M. D. Anderson is known for specializing in rare cancers and both of my parents flew down for a week of solid appointments and any hope that there was a way out of this nightmare. Meanwhile, the Mayo sent in blood samples to a special lab that had the ability to sequence his DNA. After my parents got back from Texas, and after the test results of the DNA sequencing came back, we discovered that he may be eligible for a clinical trial that focuses on one of his genetic mutations. Fast forward to now...

Yesterday, my parents flew down to Texas again. This time around, my dad will get tested to make sure that he is qualified to be in the clinical trial. This includes heart tests, blood tests, bone marrow tests etc. Everything needs to be in working order before they expose him to this new option of treatment. This is both great and distressing news all at once. It would be a miracle if this drug could knock back his cancer to the point where a second stem cell could be attempted. He would have the opportunity to gain back weight and strength (mentally as well as physically) as the cancer died.  Lets pray for some healing!!! Every prayer, every well wish, every hope that you have for my dad's survival, let it be known. Thank you all for your support, all of your kindness, and most of all...all of your love. 

Laura Katchmark 

Your road doesn't end here daddy. Keep walking:) I love you! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jail Break

Good Evening Everyone,

Things have settled down a bit in life. I am moved into college, my mom and dad are together again (mom had mono recently), and my little sister is back at school as well. My dad is doing well especially compared to where he was at only a few weeks ago. He is eating, his intestine has healed and the chemo succeeded in bringing his blast count down to about 5%. Another important update is the fact that he is no longer in the hospital. He is being seen everyday and still needs more care than normal but it is such a comfort to know that he is out in the world again. I wish I could provide more detailed information, but this is what my family and I know. The only thing I can add is the reassurance that the doctors are still hoping that my dad will be cured. Any prayers or positive wishes are always appreciated. Thank you.

On a bit of a side note...

College!! Its already been such an adventure. Before I left I was still thinking I was in a dream, but now that classes have started and my dorm smells all too real, I know that I can believe it. My roommate is awesome, and my professors seem very nice despite their quirkiness. I have one professor who wears a Hawaiian shirt everyday and another who says "Hella" all the time. I'm not entirely sure what that means, but it makes class so much more amusing. My only wish is for my family to begin to heal now. I believe my dad will make it through and what a gift that would really be for us all. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Laura Katchmark

" We don't spend time examining the doors that have already closed, we open new ones where they didn't exist before and walk through with immeasurable strength, and love. "
- A quote I made:)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Up For Company

Good Afternoon Everyone,
So here is the dad is better than he has been in the past week, but there are some really difficult problems that the doctors still need to solve. The first most immediate problem is his intestine. It is still very inflamed and he is feeling lots of pain in his stomach. He is on antibiotics and tons of other medications that have started helping him feel like he can visit and move around a bit.

The second more underlying problem is his leukemia. The chemo that he just went through was one of the most intense regiments that the doctors had to offer and it barely made a dent in the percentage of blast cells in his body. This is going to complicate things greatly for a second transplant. The doctors still have a few ideas and aren't planning to give up any time soon. Dr. Hogan, the main oncologist at Mayo, said that as long as my dad is willing to fight, they are as well. All I can tell you is that my dad has so much to live for and wants to be here for all of it. If you have time to go visit in the next few weeks, please do. He isn't too chatty but is in a better place to enjoy a visit even if its only for a couple of hours. Remember that he is the same person inside. Thank you for all of your support and love. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

Laura Katchmark


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ten Things...

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I know you have all had concerns recently and I am going to stick purely to facts and let you determine how to feel about them. If you have questions it is best to either ask my mom or me as my mom is at the hospital daily and I get updated daily. I can be contacted through email, facebook, cell phone etc. and my mom has access to her email and cell phone as well.  

1) My dad has been in the hospital since August 1st.
2) Since then, he has had fevers, nausea, and went through six days of intense chemo.
3) The chemo was given for six days but he received three different types of the drug.
4) He has been suffering severe stomache pains and has eaten very little for more than a month.
5) Yesterday (August 8th) my dad had a C.T scan and the doctors determined that 40cm of his lower small intestine was inflamed.
6) This inflamation could either be an infection or a side effect of the chemo he was treated with.
7) Since he was moved into intensive care, his blood pressure has been measuring very low and his heart rate has been elevated.
8) My dad has been tired
9) His phone is off and he doesnt feel like talking due to his condition
10) His room number is as follows: 10th floor Unit 3 Room 14.

These are the basics that you all should be aware of . I apologize for any bluntness but sometimes it is simply more effective to convey the bare minimum. Thank you for your continued love and support. It is difficult to hear about, and it is even harder to see and for those of you who have been with us from the beginning you are Gods hidden angels here on earth. All my love in return.

Laura Katchmark

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Biggest Mountain Still to Climb

Good Evening Everyone,

Technically it is 12:11 AM and I am dutifully typing up the most difficult post I've had to write in quite a while. To begin with I would like to say that my dad is not doing well. At all... It never ceases to amaze me at how quickly things can change. After the benefit my dad starting feeling a bit more under the weather than usual. It got progressively worse until he was admitted back into the hospital this past Saturday (20th). He went in with a fever that spiked over 101 degrees. He has been down at Mayo ever since with these fevers, and severe nausea. He also hasn't been eating very well because of the nausea so his potassium levels are not doing great either. Besides these symptoms he is also having trouble with infusions of red blood cells and platelets. The doctors believe that because of numerous and frequent transfusions his body has developed antibodies to combat any blood or platelets they give him. This is not good. His life has been saved over and over by these transfusions and without them I don't care to think about what could happen. Another major issue, one that could also be linked to the blood products, is his insanely high fevers. This is mostly just a hypothesis given out by the head of the Oncology department at Mayo, but for now it is the only explanation we have.

As for my dads spirits, its challenging for me to put them into words. I know my dad very well and through this he has been relatively good at vocalizing his fears and his hope. As you can imagine though, the hospital turns even the most respectful and kind person into a bit of a grump.  That would be accurate in describing my dad right now. Things are very very serious and I personally think that he has every right to be mad at the situation. The only bright spot during this week was my dad's 51st birthday. Thank you to everyone who mailed him a card! It was so awesome to open the mail box and see it filled to the top with birthday wishes!

I will continue to keep you updated on this situation. I have to warn all of you that it could get progressively worse so any prayers, thoughts, or words of love you have to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. A big thank you to those of you who donate blood as well. You save lives every day. Remember to give someone you love a hug today.

Laura Katchmark

He always has and he always will...

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Heartfelt Thank you

Good Afternoon Everyone, 

Sometimes I start out a blog post by saying, “where do I begin?”, but today I know exactly where to start! Wow! What a fabulous party this past Sunday was! I was simply thrilled to see and meet everyone, and to see my family so happy! My dad keeps walking around the house saying how blessed his is to have so many people in his life who are so incredibly supportive.  He loved seeing familiar faces, and meeting people who were complete strangers. It was a truly humbling experience and I will remember it for the rest of my life.
To make this benefit happen, many hours of hard work had to be dedicated and I’d like to recognize and thank some of the people who really outdid themselves. Firstly, I would like to thank my dad’s siblings (and families) and my grandma. Uncle Dean, uncle Kevin, uncle Steve, uncle John, aunt Brenda, aunt Cheryl, and my grandma Bena. These people took on the responsibility of planning, collected donations, and ultimately put together absolutely everything! Throughout the entire benefit, they worked the different tables, and made the event flow smoothly. I would also like to thank everyone who donated something for the silent auction or for the bake sale. Both events were extremely successful. Finally, I would like to thank everyone who came, donated money, or sent their thoughts our way. I am so grateful to all of you. The burden of paying for medical bills, and gas (especially) was greatly eased. All that is left is for my dad to get well!

Again, we are so humbled, so grateful, and so touched that so many people care about what my family is going through. It was such a good day and hopefully we can celebrate my dad’s recovery all together sometime soon. Thank you. 

Laura Katchmark

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Good Afternoon Everyone,

I have a slight alteration to make to the information about donating through Wells Fargo. If you choose to donate, the account name is as follows...

The Tim Katchmark Donation Trust

This error was made on the flyer as well and I do apologize for any hassle. We are also looking for just a few volunteers to bring an item for the bake sale. This item can be either baked at home or store bought. If you could, please bring it the day of the event. 

A note from Laura...

Thank you so much for everything. My heart is simply overflowing with gratitude and joy!I don't believe that the words needed to express myself and my family's appreciation even exist. Everything that has been done will help with medical expenses and such things necessary for my dad to recover completely. I look forward to posting after the benefit. 

Laura Katchmark

Friday, June 20, 2014

Benefit Information


     Tim Katchmark, age 50, has been married to his wife Beth for 27 years, and has two daughters named Laura and Sarah. He was diagnosed with MDS/Leukemia in Nover 2012. He spent 9 weeks in the hospital undergoing 2 rounds of chemotherapy to achieve remission. He recovered for 3 months at home once in remission and had a Stem Cell Transplant on April 5th after 7 days of intense chemotherapy. He stayed at the Gift of Life House in Rochester and was monitored daily. Because he was doing so well, he was able to go home early in May which was ahead of schedule. At 100 days, his bone marrow came back cancer free. At the end of July, he had a central line infection, and his counts dropped and didn't recover. In October 2013 his bone marrow showed more than 5 % of cancerous blast cells and he endured an assortment of chemotherapy treatments. He felt good for 3 months but the bone marrow in March showed that the cancer had grown significantly. He was admitted back into the hospital on March 24th to undergo the most intense round of chemo yet. 

     Throughout this journey Tim has been the happiest and most determined person to face down this disease. He has a strong spirit and a fire to live and stay in the lives of those he loves and cherishes. All we can do is hope and pray for the best. Thank you for your support. 

Turkey Hunting Spring 2014

When: Sunday, June 29th

What Time: 1:00-5:00pm
Hosted at the Crystal VFW Knable Post #494
Address: 5222 56th Ave. No
Crystal, MN 55429
Events: Spaghetti meal offered along with raffle, silent auction, and bake sale.
*Donations are also accepted at Wells Fargo Bank under the Tim Katchmark Benefit Fund. * 

Special DJ Guest

Turn ‘n’ Heads Productions

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Greatest Graduation Gift Ever

Good Morning Everyone,

What a good morning it is!! I am graduating from Champlin Park High School today and I am so thrilled! High school has been a truly wonderful experience for me but it has also been a part of the greatest sadness I have ever known. Half of my high school career was spent wondering how much time my dad would have left here in the world. Today however, marks a great accomplishment for both of us... all of us actually. It symbolizes the determination that we have to reach one common goal, and it proves that time is truly what you make of it. Today I am the luckiest girl in the world! 

I would like to give you an update about how my dad is doing. Last time I posted, my dad had received the stem cells from his brother John and he was doing alright. Currently, he is still doing okay but is suffering from either a cold, or allergies. The stem cells aren't doing much for him either so the question that is now developing is, when will the next stem cell transplant be. The doctors haven't really given us too much of a plan yet but what I do know is that my dad will be getting the rest of John's stem cells on Thursday the 12th. After the 12th we are "winging it" until further notice. Thank you so much for you endless amounts of love and support! Go out and enjoy the sunshine and give someone you love a hug with both arms:) 

Laura Katchmark

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Once in a great while...

Good morning Everyone,

There has been a long period of time where nothing has happened, but just recently we got really hopeful news! I can't help but feel a little excited! So as you can remember, my dad got a bone marrow test done and the results came back as follows...The blast cells are under 5%! Just before his chemo, they were above 15% but this type of chemo was so aggressive that it really cut the cancer back. After we got those results, we had to wait for a treatment plan. The doctors have decided that John will once again donate stem cells and as soon as the cells are collected my dad will be waiting to receive them. Hopefully, because the cells are still fresh things will go more smoothly than in previous trials. My uncle has already started the donation process. Next Friday, if on schedule, my dad will have a new set of stem cells in his blood stream busy with killing the leukemia once and for all!!  If things do go really well, my dad asked me to mention that he is looking forward to attending the June 29th benefit put together by my aunt and uncles! As for the title of this blog post, once in a great while... the doctors found neutrophils in my dad's blood! Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell that help mediate an immune response when there is an infection in the body. This is soooo good because he hasn't had these in over a year! I do need to mention what will happen just in case things won't go well. If after four weeks, the stem cells haven't worked, my dad will need a whole knew transplant. By that I mean a new donor will be chosen and he will go through intensive chemotherapy and then 100 days where he has the new cells in his body. We are all crossing our fingers for Johns cells to work so he never has to endure another extended hospital stay. Ever.

I would like to thank you all once again for everything that you have done. Before this happened in my life, it was easy to critique my surroundings and focus on the negatives in life, but those who have been with us for the entirety of this event have changed my perspective completely. I am able to count my blessings every night and I can say a prayer for each person who has helped me and my family out.

Laura Katchmark

Friday, May 2, 2014

Drillin' Holes

Good Morning Everyone,

The rain has stopped (for now) and spring is here! Everything seems happier in the spring. I've always loved watching the earth go from white, to a nasty brown, to a beautiful electrifying green! has kept me so busy and I know that has been one of my frequent excuses for not posting regularly but seriously...I'm in the international baccalaureate program and we have HUGE tests at the end of our senior year that we can get college credit for! Life has also been busy for my family. My dad has been doing alright besides the fact that his platelet counts are not replenishing themselves and he has been very tired. This could be for multiple reasons, but the doctors still think that the chemo is playing into that even though that was over a month ago! This afternoon he will get another bone marrow test. I can't even tell you how many holes and samples they have taken from him! This will once again tell use just how much cancer is left. Once the results are back we will go from there. Day by day, hour by hour. On a bit of a side note, I am asking you to offer my dad your sense of humor and words of encouragement. Spending a lot of time in a hospital is heartbreaking especially when the weather is turning for the better. As for posting, I can't promise I will have time to update the blog right away but I will let you know what the results are one way or another:) Thank you for your everlasting love and support.


Spring is a time for love, for joy
for rekindled hope
and the heart of a boy
to become healed again, just as before,
and for life to start a new once more. 

Special Announcement:

My family has planned a benefit for my dad and It will be held at the Crystal VFW on Sunday June 29th I will post more information soon. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Wanna Play a Guessing Game?

Good Evening Everyone,

Tonight will be purely information. More information will come when we know more ourselves. 

        I will start with what we do know and I'd like to keep it as brief as possible. To begin with, my dad isn't in the best of conditions and that is putting things relatively lightly. Last week he went through another bone marrow test to see how effective the chemo was but the results were inconclusive. This means that they couldn't get an accurate count on the different types of cells that were in his bone marrow. Normally they separate the white blood cells, the red blood cells, and in my dads case, the cancerous cells. This test didn't work that way because the cells were clumped together and because of this they needed to perform another test to give us a correct treatment plan.  After his bone marrow he developed some sort of infection and he was put on many different antibiotics and anti-fungals. He experienced splitting headaches and he also ran a fever.  
       Now lets speed up to today...The doctors still don't know exactly what is wrong but his fever was gone (for today) and his headache has lessened significantly. He received another bone marrow test this morning and the results should be back sometime late next week. He really REALLY needs visitors. Even if it is just for a little while it makes such a difference for his spirits. Once again, thank you thank you THANK YOU! For all that you do and all the love that you offer. It truly makes a difference.

Laura Katchmark

Friday, March 28, 2014

Three's Company

Good Evening Everyone,

My Auntie Cheryl, and I drove down to Rochester to visit my dad today and what a nice day we've had so far. The weather is warming up and the drive down was very pleasant because (for once) there was no snow or ice! When we arrived at the Mayo we went up to his room and we were delighted to see a few of our relatives who had come down to visit! After they had left I made the mistake of complementing him on how well he looked, and I think I literally saw his head swell three sizes. His response was, "Good?! I look great! I always look great!" I love my dad:) 

Today is the last day that my dad will be receiving chemotherapy. He had a few rough days in the beginning of the week because this chemo has A LOT of side effects, but he is doing well now. It took a few tries for them to figure out the right combination of medicine. After today, he will spend 14 days in the hospital while the chemo passes out of his system. This is the period of time where nausea, and other problems such as mouth soars and skin irritation can occur. He is already experiencing some skin irritation on his hands. On day 14 he will get another bone marrow biopsy and all fingers are crossed that it will come back clean (less than 5% blast cells). From there things get a bit hazy so I won't post anything until I know for sure what the treatment will be. 

I know I addressed the topic of visiting last time I posted and I can only encourage more of that! I know it is a long drive for most and it might be hard to find time in your busy schedules. If you are interested or could possibly come down, I will post his room number. You can also call the hospital and they can give you his room phone number. It truly truly TRULY brightens his day and brings his spirits back up! 

As always, thank you so much for you endless love and support and your thoughtful prayers and thoughts. It is so comforting to know that we have so many people who care! Stay tuned:) 

Room Number: 7-416
Translation...Seventh floor, room 416

***If you are going to visit especially next week, please call because he might not be feeling very well***

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Once Upon a Nightmare

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to the blog. I have enjoyed my time off from writing very much because there hasn't been anything new to report. Unfortunately that status has disappeared and once again we find ourselves in a waking nightmare. 

On Monday the 17th my dad received yet another bone marrow and on Wednesday the 19th the results came back. The number of blast cells (cancerous cells) had increased from less than 5% to around 15-20%. The treatment plan now is going to start next Monday on the 24th. He will be admitted to Methodist Hospital (the Mayo) in Rochester for two weeks. He will once again get chemotherapy for one week and the second week his counts will plummet so he will need to be watched very closely. This treatment is more intense then the rounds he received in October, November, and December. At 14 days a bone marrow biopsy will check if blasts are less than 5%. If the results come back clear he will get more fresh cells from his brother John. If it isn't clear additional treatment will be needed. 

Another unfortunate problem for my family is that my mom won't be able to stay with my dad the entire time. Our insurance doesn't pay for lodging and she still needs to work. I have to be at school but I will be able to visit on Friday. I know my dad would like, and in fact NEEDS company. If you can, please come down for a visit. When he was in Methodist Hospital in 2012 the visitors that came helped him stay positive and hopeful. 

As a family we have had a really good few months and everything that we have been able to do has been so special. My dad and I painted the basement, we have been able to go see movies, both of my parents have been able to support my sister and I, and the best part is that we all felt so happy. I know my dad is happy when he can tell a joke and dance around the house. It truthfully is the best thing ever. I have to hope that things will work out but for now our hearts are breaking. I infinitely thank you for your support, and your prayers, and all of your hopeful thoughts. I will post again next week either on Tuesday or Wednesday and I will update regularly. 

Laura Katchmark

Keep fighting Dad. Always.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Game Plan

Good Evening Everyone,

Once again I have proven that life has a way of leaving very little time in the day for blogging and I do apologize for the delay in reporting the results of the bone marrow test. I would like to start out by saying that my dad has 100% of John's cells. This means that his DNA matches his brother John and if a blood sample were to be taken from each both would be identical. Isn't that hard to believe? The negative side to this information is that there is still about 5% cancerous cells in his body. This needs to change (OBVIOUSLY) and to achieve this goal the doctors gave my dad a "booster round" of stem cells. The hope is that this will stimulate a reaction or "fight" in his body against the cancer. So far things have been going well. He has gotten over a lung infection and his intestinal infection is on the mend as well.  I have a good feeling about this and I know every person who reads this has the same hope as me and my family. LETS BEAT THIS THING!!!! It has consumed too much of my dads life, and the rest of our lives to ever be justified. The next step is for him to show signs of graph versus host which will indicate that the reaction is working! Keep positive thoughts coming to my dad! He needs to heal! Its about time! Thank you for your continuous love and support!

Laura Katchmark

It was brought to my attention in the beginning of this week just how far we have come in this battle against cancer. I personally have grown and have had to conquer many things that I never would have imagined facing when I was younger. Looking back, I realized that my dad, Timothy Katchmark was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012. It is now 2014 and everyday of my life since October 31st of 2012 has been filled with the merciless reality that cancer brings with it. To me and my family, especially my dad, the cut that was ruthlessly gouged into our life still feels fresh and to be completely honest it bleeds frequently. I have to admit, there have been some days where giving up seems like it is the only option left to us. It is in times like these when everything is cold and bleak and utterly horrible that I am reminded of the determination of the human spirit. Its almost comical how the littlest things in our world can turn our perspective completely around. The most basic human needs, when fulfilled, become the greatest joys one can experience. I am writing this only as a reminder to myself and everyone left with worry in their hearts that we can't change what isn't in our power. We can only hold on to the little things and once that is realized, the little things turn into something much bigger and worth remembering. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fast Facts

Good Evening Everyone,

I am going to keep this really really short tonight because there isn't an excessive amount of new information to give out. I hope everyone had a nice New Year and that your New Years resolutions haven't already wavered! I will quickly share the resolution my family made. We are going to try to do one family related activity once every week (meal, game, movie etc.) and I personally am going to continue to enjoy every moment of my life even when things could be better. Alright, on to the information...

1) My dad received his 11th bone marrow test last Monday the 6th 
2) We will receive the results of the test on the 14th of this month
3) Depending upon the results the next move will be determined and I am hoping that whatever happens will be positive and move us in a healthy direction
4) He has gone two weeks without a blood or platelet transfusion which is a possible indicator of his own cells starting to reproduce. 

That is all for now and I will post after the 14th and let you all know what the next battle will entail! Goodnight!

Laura Katchmark