Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Good Afternoon Everyone,

I have a slight alteration to make to the information about donating through Wells Fargo. If you choose to donate, the account name is as follows...

The Tim Katchmark Donation Trust

This error was made on the flyer as well and I do apologize for any hassle. We are also looking for just a few volunteers to bring an item for the bake sale. This item can be either baked at home or store bought. If you could, please bring it the day of the event. 

A note from Laura...

Thank you so much for everything. My heart is simply overflowing with gratitude and joy!I don't believe that the words needed to express myself and my family's appreciation even exist. Everything that has been done will help with medical expenses and such things necessary for my dad to recover completely. I look forward to posting after the benefit. 

Laura Katchmark

Friday, June 20, 2014

Benefit Information


     Tim Katchmark, age 50, has been married to his wife Beth for 27 years, and has two daughters named Laura and Sarah. He was diagnosed with MDS/Leukemia in Nover 2012. He spent 9 weeks in the hospital undergoing 2 rounds of chemotherapy to achieve remission. He recovered for 3 months at home once in remission and had a Stem Cell Transplant on April 5th after 7 days of intense chemotherapy. He stayed at the Gift of Life House in Rochester and was monitored daily. Because he was doing so well, he was able to go home early in May which was ahead of schedule. At 100 days, his bone marrow came back cancer free. At the end of July, he had a central line infection, and his counts dropped and didn't recover. In October 2013 his bone marrow showed more than 5 % of cancerous blast cells and he endured an assortment of chemotherapy treatments. He felt good for 3 months but the bone marrow in March showed that the cancer had grown significantly. He was admitted back into the hospital on March 24th to undergo the most intense round of chemo yet. 

     Throughout this journey Tim has been the happiest and most determined person to face down this disease. He has a strong spirit and a fire to live and stay in the lives of those he loves and cherishes. All we can do is hope and pray for the best. Thank you for your support. 

Turkey Hunting Spring 2014

When: Sunday, June 29th

What Time: 1:00-5:00pm
Hosted at the Crystal VFW Knable Post #494
Address: 5222 56th Ave. No
Crystal, MN 55429
Events: Spaghetti meal offered along with raffle, silent auction, and bake sale.
*Donations are also accepted at Wells Fargo Bank under the Tim Katchmark Benefit Fund. * 

Special DJ Guest

Turn ‘n’ Heads Productions

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Greatest Graduation Gift Ever

Good Morning Everyone,

What a good morning it is!! I am graduating from Champlin Park High School today and I am so thrilled! High school has been a truly wonderful experience for me but it has also been a part of the greatest sadness I have ever known. Half of my high school career was spent wondering how much time my dad would have left here in the world. Today however, marks a great accomplishment for both of us... all of us actually. It symbolizes the determination that we have to reach one common goal, and it proves that time is truly what you make of it. Today I am the luckiest girl in the world! 

I would like to give you an update about how my dad is doing. Last time I posted, my dad had received the stem cells from his brother John and he was doing alright. Currently, he is still doing okay but is suffering from either a cold, or allergies. The stem cells aren't doing much for him either so the question that is now developing is, when will the next stem cell transplant be. The doctors haven't really given us too much of a plan yet but what I do know is that my dad will be getting the rest of John's stem cells on Thursday the 12th. After the 12th we are "winging it" until further notice. Thank you so much for you endless amounts of love and support! Go out and enjoy the sunshine and give someone you love a hug with both arms:) 

Laura Katchmark