Monday, April 14, 2014

Wanna Play a Guessing Game?

Good Evening Everyone,

Tonight will be purely information. More information will come when we know more ourselves. 

        I will start with what we do know and I'd like to keep it as brief as possible. To begin with, my dad isn't in the best of conditions and that is putting things relatively lightly. Last week he went through another bone marrow test to see how effective the chemo was but the results were inconclusive. This means that they couldn't get an accurate count on the different types of cells that were in his bone marrow. Normally they separate the white blood cells, the red blood cells, and in my dads case, the cancerous cells. This test didn't work that way because the cells were clumped together and because of this they needed to perform another test to give us a correct treatment plan.  After his bone marrow he developed some sort of infection and he was put on many different antibiotics and anti-fungals. He experienced splitting headaches and he also ran a fever.  
       Now lets speed up to today...The doctors still don't know exactly what is wrong but his fever was gone (for today) and his headache has lessened significantly. He received another bone marrow test this morning and the results should be back sometime late next week. He really REALLY needs visitors. Even if it is just for a little while it makes such a difference for his spirits. Once again, thank you thank you THANK YOU! For all that you do and all the love that you offer. It truly makes a difference.

Laura Katchmark