Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finalizing the Decision

Hello Everybody,

My dad has decided to go to the Mayo Clinic for his transplant! It was a very hard decision but as a family we have agreed that he will receive the best care possible down in Rochester. The doctors have been talking about their treatment plans for him, and they think that it might be necessary to have him go back to Methodist for a five day regiment of Chemo before going to the Mayo. On Monday he will go in for another bone marrow test and the results will be what decides this. To decide who will be the donor, DNA testing kits have been sent to Steve, John and Dean. The doctors will pick who is in the best health to be a donor and then the transplant will take place (in about four weeks). As for what will happen in the three months my dad is undergoing treatment, my mom will live down in Rochester in a house that the hospital has designed especially for circumstances such as this. If the treatment is going well it will be possible for my dad to leave the hospital and stay in the house. Sarah and I will be staying with my grandpa and will be able to visit my dad on weekends and Skype during the week. Thank you for all of your words of encouragement and love!
~Laura Katchmark
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