Friday, March 28, 2014

Three's Company

Good Evening Everyone,

My Auntie Cheryl, and I drove down to Rochester to visit my dad today and what a nice day we've had so far. The weather is warming up and the drive down was very pleasant because (for once) there was no snow or ice! When we arrived at the Mayo we went up to his room and we were delighted to see a few of our relatives who had come down to visit! After they had left I made the mistake of complementing him on how well he looked, and I think I literally saw his head swell three sizes. His response was, "Good?! I look great! I always look great!" I love my dad:) 

Today is the last day that my dad will be receiving chemotherapy. He had a few rough days in the beginning of the week because this chemo has A LOT of side effects, but he is doing well now. It took a few tries for them to figure out the right combination of medicine. After today, he will spend 14 days in the hospital while the chemo passes out of his system. This is the period of time where nausea, and other problems such as mouth soars and skin irritation can occur. He is already experiencing some skin irritation on his hands. On day 14 he will get another bone marrow biopsy and all fingers are crossed that it will come back clean (less than 5% blast cells). From there things get a bit hazy so I won't post anything until I know for sure what the treatment will be. 

I know I addressed the topic of visiting last time I posted and I can only encourage more of that! I know it is a long drive for most and it might be hard to find time in your busy schedules. If you are interested or could possibly come down, I will post his room number. You can also call the hospital and they can give you his room phone number. It truly truly TRULY brightens his day and brings his spirits back up! 

As always, thank you so much for you endless love and support and your thoughtful prayers and thoughts. It is so comforting to know that we have so many people who care! Stay tuned:) 

Room Number: 7-416
Translation...Seventh floor, room 416

***If you are going to visit especially next week, please call because he might not be feeling very well***

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  1. Praying for you and your family! You are a very strong family going through this. Your dad must be proud of you. Prayers that this chemo blasts those cancer cells right out of there! Prayers for Tim and his outlook, for the nausea and sores - that they are minimal. Give him strength to get through each day and get better. God Bless all of you!