Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Good Afternoon Everyone,

I have a slight alteration to make to the information about donating through Wells Fargo. If you choose to donate, the account name is as follows...

The Tim Katchmark Donation Trust

This error was made on the flyer as well and I do apologize for any hassle. We are also looking for just a few volunteers to bring an item for the bake sale. This item can be either baked at home or store bought. If you could, please bring it the day of the event. 

A note from Laura...

Thank you so much for everything. My heart is simply overflowing with gratitude and joy!I don't believe that the words needed to express myself and my family's appreciation even exist. Everything that has been done will help with medical expenses and such things necessary for my dad to recover completely. I look forward to posting after the benefit. 

Laura Katchmark

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