Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Down to Texas

Good Evening Everyone, 

Its been a long time since I've written anything in the blog and my hands are a bit rusty! As usual, plenty has happened from the last update and this includes a ridiculous amount of homework on my end. Because of this homework, and the (VERY) busy lifestyle that college has to offer, I will only post if there is something either wonderful or truly serious to share with you. I will also post a status update on Facebook just to help spread the word:) So before I get into more recent events, I will give you a brief overview of what has happened in the past few weeks.

After my dad got out of the hospital, he met with his primary doctor at the Mayo (Dr. Hogan). Because of how much weight my dad has lost (around sixty pounds) and how much chemo his organs had to endure, he is in a rough position to attempt a second stem cell transplant. For MDS leukemia, this is the only known cure available. Dr. Hogan told him that he can either continue treatment with a high possibility of dying from the side effects of more chemo, or he can stop treatment and have a limited amount of time left. Of course, none of us were satisfied with these options. Dr. Hogan recommended that we seek a second opinion from the number one cancer facility in the country. M. D. Anderson is known for specializing in rare cancers and both of my parents flew down for a week of solid appointments and any hope that there was a way out of this nightmare. Meanwhile, the Mayo sent in blood samples to a special lab that had the ability to sequence his DNA. After my parents got back from Texas, and after the test results of the DNA sequencing came back, we discovered that he may be eligible for a clinical trial that focuses on one of his genetic mutations. Fast forward to now...

Yesterday, my parents flew down to Texas again. This time around, my dad will get tested to make sure that he is qualified to be in the clinical trial. This includes heart tests, blood tests, bone marrow tests etc. Everything needs to be in working order before they expose him to this new option of treatment. This is both great and distressing news all at once. It would be a miracle if this drug could knock back his cancer to the point where a second stem cell could be attempted. He would have the opportunity to gain back weight and strength (mentally as well as physically) as the cancer died.  Lets pray for some healing!!! Every prayer, every well wish, every hope that you have for my dad's survival, let it be known. Thank you all for your support, all of your kindness, and most of all...all of your love. 

Laura Katchmark 

Your road doesn't end here daddy. Keep walking:) I love you! 

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  1. You're an awesome and strong person, Laura. Your dad is in my thoughts and prayers, as well as your whole family.

    Aaron Herman