Sunday, December 23, 2012

Good Day

Good Evening Everyone,
Today has been a very good day for my dad! He has been in good spirits all day eating a subway, oranges, a fruit bar and a chocolate! His white blood cell count went down from 0.7 to 0.6 today but it has been jumping back and forth increasing after every time it goes down! It was my 17th birthday today and it was so nice to spend time with him. He went for four walks and we played a game called trouble:) It was a very nice way to spend my birthday:)Thank you for your love and support. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas! Please remember my dad in your prayers.
~Laura Katchmark

Today is worth remembering

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  1. Happy Birthday Laura, so glad to hear you had some special time with your dad! Just letting you know we keep your dad and all of you in our prayers every day! I know this is not how your family wants or should be spending your Christmas but you are all in our hearts! Thinking of all of you always! Take care! Oh and by the way, beautiful painting of the cardinal, you are very talented!