Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Good Evening Everyone,
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. My family enjoyed some quality time together. We were all happy and in good spirits. Everything is staying the same right now. Unfortunately my dad's white blood cell count isn't going up. That is what needs to happen. It needs to be at 1.5 before he can come home. If you have visited him recently he has also lost a lot of weight. When i say a lot of weight I mean from 240 to 185 in about two months. If you visit coming in the next few weeks, please don't bring food like cookies or anything with high amounts of sugar. We want him to get nutritious meals with protein! We would also like to thank you all for your continuing support. We are so very blessed! Every time my dad gets a card or a visit he gets a bit happier. I will post later on in the week or if anything changes. Have a wonderful new year!
~Laura Katchmark

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