Thursday, May 16, 2013

Home is a Wonderful Thing

Good Evening Everyone,

For the past week and a half things have been pretty crazy! I apologize for not writing until now but between finals and the unknown schedule I thought it would be best to just say it all once. My dad has been doing fantastic and there have been a lot of new changes and updates! The first big adjustment is that my parents were able to come home and will only remain so if my dad is doing well and doesn't have any complications:):) He commutes back and forth on Monday and Thursday for tests and doctors appointments! This is some of the best news we could have ever asked for. It finally feels normal and right in the world. Its odd to think that we have all spent half of a year worrying and praying and through all of tears, all of the moments it seemed like everything was just stuck, there is a light that is growing ever brighter. Its hard to describe the pain you carry with you when you know nothing is as permanent as it seemed to be or when as your driving away you see your parents peeking around the curtain like if they just watch long enough they can rewind time and fix what broke. As for the second update the cells in my dad's body have become 100% Johns! The test that was done today proved that. However (and this is the part that gets confusing) there was a second test that showed that 60% of his cells were John's and the other 40% were still his. Either way you look at it this is good news because he is on track for recovery. As always thank you for your love and endless support! There is still a long road a head and im sure there will be a few bumps but right now we are all enjoying just a little bit of happiness!
~Laura Katchmark

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  1. AWESOME AWESOME NEWS!!!! So happy for all of you! We continue to pray that things just keep getting better and better each and every day!
    Always thinkin of you guys
    Love ya!