Sunday, May 26, 2013

Your Half Way There

Good Evening Everyone,

These last few weeks have been so wonderful! I sometimes wake up thinking its a dream and then when I hear my parents making breakfast and notice that i'm in my own bed I cant help but smile:) My dad has been doing great! He has passed his 50 day mark and is working his way to 100. There hasn't been much news lately because his counts are still holding steady. The doctors haven't taken him off of his anti-rejection medication yet but when they do we are going to be looking for a rash that will signal his body recognizing the stem cells. Thus far the medication hasn't allowed for that to happen. His appointments have been bumped from 2 per week to 1 every Wednesday and that is very nice for him! I will post again next Sunday but until then have a wonderful start to June and hope for some sunshine! Thank you for your love and support!
~Laura Katchmark

Keep going Dad, you have come so far and you have been so strong. I am so proud of you and I couldn't have asked for better parents than you and mom. You deserve happiness. I love you!

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  1. Just want you to know we are thinking about you and continue to say prayers for your dad and all of you. Thank you for keeping us informed, we appreciate that.
    Love you guys!!
    Jack, Terri, Bob, Ruby and the rest of our/your family.