Tuesday, November 5, 2013

And Snow it Comes

Good Evening Everyone,

What a blustery and rather miserable day it has been both weather wise, and just in general today. In the past few days things have been going fairly well at home and at school. My dad has been able to laugh and do a few things in the kitchen despite his fading appetite.I have enjoyed every minute of that time. He even went deer hunting and saw about four bucks and eleven does. Unfortunately he couldn't get a shot at them but he had a wonderful time. Anyways...back to today. My mom and dad went down to Rochester for labs and red blood cells. They both agreed it was a very long day both mentally and physically.My dad was feeling pretty drained and he really needs to rest. During their doctors visits they had a few questions answered and I will share them with you now. 

1) Why didn't the stem cells multiply correctly the first time around?

Doctors answer: Think of it this way. The bone marrow can be considered a bed of soil. A good type of soil to have is black dirt which has the right makeup to allow things to grow. Your (my dads) marrow is more like sandy soil which has potential but needs a bit of extra care to make things work correctly. To do this we need to administer the chemo to give your body a second chance. 

2) When is the next round of chemo?

Doctors answer: Next week. It will last for another five days. 

This information is a bit scattered right now because that is how the doctors give it to us. The Mayo has done an excellent job caring for my dad but because this is just so individualized, they are developing the treatment plan  as they go. I will keep posting (especially next week) to let you know how things are going. Thank you for your support and love!

Laura Katchmark

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