Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Last year at this time, my dad and family were preparing for a dismal and depressing holiday in the hospital. This year, although things are still hard and scary, my dad is at home and we are preparing for a holiday that will be filled with laughing and food which he can actually eat! The second round of chemo ended on the fifteenth of November and the weekend following that was rough. He was very listless and unresponsive which as you know is unlike my dad at every level. My mom ended up taking him back to the Mayo and we found out that too many pain pills, and a need for red blood cells was what was causing these symptoms. He has been doing much better since then and some of his appetite has returned! As each day goes by, I have more and more hope that this will pass and things will get better. Just believe:) Happy Thanksgiving!

Laura Katchmark

Always, always believe

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  1. Laura,it's good to hear you have your Dad home for Thanksgiving,here's hoping that next year this will be all behind your family.We wish you,Sarah,and your Mom and Dad a happy Thanksgiving.Grandma Lorie and Grandpa Lee