Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas

Good Evening Everyone,

What a lovely Christmas! I have to say, it beats last Christmas when my Dad was still in the hospital and couldn't be home! This year we went to my aunt's house and it was a wonderful gathering. It felt complete and the atmosphere was one of content and happiness.  I always find it amusing that after such long periods of time without visiting, a family can reconnect and enjoy each others company! It is so much fun to see the little kids and babies bring such joy to everyone's face! New life is very refreshing and at the same time it reminds me of the fact that I am growing up! Its a scary thought, growing up, but I have a plan to contribute greatly to something in my life and now I just have to decide what that will be! As for my Dad, he is doing as well as he can be doing with everything that has happened to him. He really appreciated the time he got with his relatives on Christmas Eve and he has had such a positive attitude about everything. He is truly a strong and loving person with a determined spirit! After his third round of chemo his counts dropped off almost completely and they are still very low. He also developed an intestinal infection that is minor and is being treated with antibiotics. On January 6th he will be going in for a bone marrow to see if the cancer has been killed off. Please send your prayers, thoughts, anything, his way! This is a very very important test and lets just say that passing it is the only option that has a favorable outcome! He also asked me to write a thank you to everyone who has ever donated blood! He has received over fifty transfusions so far and they have saved his life again and again. Never under estimate the power of a giving spirit! That is all for now! I will post again after the new year! May 2014 bring good fortune for all!

Laura Katchmark 

Dad cant have live plants in the house so this year we improvised and decorated our fake tree!! It will be a bittersweet memory forever.

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