Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fast Facts

Good Evening Everyone,

I am going to keep this really really short tonight because there isn't an excessive amount of new information to give out. I hope everyone had a nice New Year and that your New Years resolutions haven't already wavered! I will quickly share the resolution my family made. We are going to try to do one family related activity once every week (meal, game, movie etc.) and I personally am going to continue to enjoy every moment of my life even when things could be better. Alright, on to the information...

1) My dad received his 11th bone marrow test last Monday the 6th 
2) We will receive the results of the test on the 14th of this month
3) Depending upon the results the next move will be determined and I am hoping that whatever happens will be positive and move us in a healthy direction
4) He has gone two weeks without a blood or platelet transfusion which is a possible indicator of his own cells starting to reproduce. 

That is all for now and I will post after the 14th and let you all know what the next battle will entail! Goodnight!

Laura Katchmark

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  1. Let us know how things are progressing. I like your family resolution. Perhaps we should do something similar.