Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last Round

Good Evening Everyone,

Tomorrow marks the day of the third and final round of chemo (as of now). I have to say, we are all ready for this to be completed. The next round will again last for five days and once it is over a stem cell transplant will be scheduled just as before. My dad has been feeling really good lately! It is so easy to tell when someone is genuinely happy and feels almost normal and he is no exception. Just the fact that he has been able to eat fairly normally and participate in our family activities has relieved so much stress for everyone. The positive attitude that has been relatively hard to hold on to has started to slowly reappear and take shape in our lives. Unfortunately every silver lining has its downfall and tonight ended up being a bad night for him. The chemo doesn't start taking effect right away and he did experience some stomach pain and nausea throughout the day. His goal is to just make it through the week and I know he will. If I have learned one thing about my dad, its that he never gives up when something is hard (for lack of a better word). Please send your prayers his way! Your love and support is appreciated and my entire family is humbled by it. I will post again next weekend.

Laura Katchmark

I am not a person who is offended by many things. I am fairly even tempered and I don't believe in spur of the moment come backs or lapses in self control. However...this stupid "comedy" crossed my line of what is morally correct and appropriate. I refused to watch the whole thing but my god. ..whoever is writing this has no idea what it is like. CHEMO IS NOT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!! BALDNESS SYMBOLIZES THE HELL YOU HAVE GONE THROUGH AND WHATEVER ELSE THESE IDIOTS HAVE TO SAY IS JUST AWFUL.  Take a look for yourself and think of all of the people who have cancer and who just got slapped in the face. What is the line between funny and down right cruel.

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I'm not particularly religious but I do find comfort in this quote. I hope you do as well.

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