Friday, January 24, 2014

The Game Plan

Good Evening Everyone,

Once again I have proven that life has a way of leaving very little time in the day for blogging and I do apologize for the delay in reporting the results of the bone marrow test. I would like to start out by saying that my dad has 100% of John's cells. This means that his DNA matches his brother John and if a blood sample were to be taken from each both would be identical. Isn't that hard to believe? The negative side to this information is that there is still about 5% cancerous cells in his body. This needs to change (OBVIOUSLY) and to achieve this goal the doctors gave my dad a "booster round" of stem cells. The hope is that this will stimulate a reaction or "fight" in his body against the cancer. So far things have been going well. He has gotten over a lung infection and his intestinal infection is on the mend as well.  I have a good feeling about this and I know every person who reads this has the same hope as me and my family. LETS BEAT THIS THING!!!! It has consumed too much of my dads life, and the rest of our lives to ever be justified. The next step is for him to show signs of graph versus host which will indicate that the reaction is working! Keep positive thoughts coming to my dad! He needs to heal! Its about time! Thank you for your continuous love and support!

Laura Katchmark

It was brought to my attention in the beginning of this week just how far we have come in this battle against cancer. I personally have grown and have had to conquer many things that I never would have imagined facing when I was younger. Looking back, I realized that my dad, Timothy Katchmark was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012. It is now 2014 and everyday of my life since October 31st of 2012 has been filled with the merciless reality that cancer brings with it. To me and my family, especially my dad, the cut that was ruthlessly gouged into our life still feels fresh and to be completely honest it bleeds frequently. I have to admit, there have been some days where giving up seems like it is the only option left to us. It is in times like these when everything is cold and bleak and utterly horrible that I am reminded of the determination of the human spirit. Its almost comical how the littlest things in our world can turn our perspective completely around. The most basic human needs, when fulfilled, become the greatest joys one can experience. I am writing this only as a reminder to myself and everyone left with worry in their hearts that we can't change what isn't in our power. We can only hold on to the little things and once that is realized, the little things turn into something much bigger and worth remembering. 

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  1. Big hugs. And lots of love!! Your amazing strength is a lesson to us all. Theresa