Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 7/100

Good Evening Everyone,

This has not been the spring we had hoped for so far with all of this snow and cloudiness! Things are going well down in Rochester and according to my dad even the weather is sunny and warm! So far my dad has been eating and drinking which is an amazing accomplishment considering all of the things his body has had to endure the last six months. A lot of times eating can be the most difficult part of the transplant because of the nausea but besides the first day or so my dad has been able to keep his food down:) You may have noticed the title of today's post and basically I will be doing that from now on as a way of counting up to his 100 required days in Rochester. I will also be making a weekly post on Sunday to summarize the week. Most of the time my dad just needs to rest and so there isn't much to talk about! One thing that I would like to mention is graft v. host disease. This is a disease that makes accepting stem cells very difficult due to your bodies defense system. Just like you would fight off an infection or sickness (cold, flu, etc.) your body does the same to the stem cells. Some of the symptoms are rashes, mouth sores, and edema. With my dad, if he contracts this, his symptoms will appear on day 14/100 but we are all hoping that this doesn't happen. If you have questions about the disease please post them either on my facebook page or on this blog and I will do my best to answer them:) Besides the worry about graft v. host disease everything is going extremely well and its so nice to hear my parents laughing again! I've always loved how both my mom and dad are such funny people and to hear my dad cracking jokes is something I will never take for granted again! As always thank you for your love and support.
~Laura Katchmark

A Special Thank You

To all of you who donated hours to my dad's vacation donation bank I cant express how grateful my family is for your generosity. Because of your contribution we have received enough hours to put us in a very good place until my dad will be able to return to work. He will now be able to focus on getting better and for me that is the biggest gift you could have ever given us. Thank you so much!

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  1. Thanks Laura, I'm happy to hear that Tim is feeling better and able to eat. I'm very impressed with the MnDot people! Having them support you guys with their generosity speaks volumes of their character. I also want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the MnDot people that donated hours. I also want to tell you what wonderful job you are doing on this post. As always, we are sending our thoughts and prayers!
    Love, Mike, Terri & Michael