Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Off to a Good Start!

Good Evening Everyone,

Things have been going well so far! My dad has been so brave and finally it is starting to pay off. The first few days after he got his stem cells he was very nauseated and couldn't eat anything. Today however he ate an entire burger and fries! He is feeling much better even though his counts have bottomed out. Now we are just waiting for the cells to start grafting into his body. If everything is going well during the first month he may even get to come home on the weekends! He is now staying at the transplant house and I have an address to send cards to:) There is also a room telephone number to call if you would like to talk to him and don't already have his cell phone number. As always thank you for your love and support!
~Laura Katchmark

Gift of Life, inc. 705 second street SW
Rochester MN 55902. Room 36.

Phone Number

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