Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Good Evening Everyone,

Good news! Dean is returning from Rochester today! The doctor determined that the nodules in his lungs are not life threatening but he will not be able to be the donor because he would need further testing that would delay my dads transplant. The doctors decided it would be quicker and more efficient to have John be the donor instead. John heads down on Thursday for his physical and if he is a suitable state of health he will start a series of neupogen shots on Friday leaving the stem cell collection to happen on the 26th. The original date of the transplant will have to be moved from April 1st to April 5th. This post may look familiar to what you saw on facebook but my dad wanted everyone to have the correct information. As for how my dad is doing, besides the stress of when the transplant will be he has been active and happy! He is always in the kitchen and enjoys getting out of the house for some fresh air (much to my moms horror:) Thank you for all of the calls and emails recently! My dad is so grateful to all of you and says everyday just how lucky he is to have such a wonderful support system. Love to you all and all of the thank you's in the world could never express just how blessed we are!
~Laura Katchmark

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  1. Hi Laura,

    Thank you Laura for the update on your Dad. Tell your Dad to keep staying positive and strong, and your Mom also. You all are in my thought and prayers everyday.

    Love you all,