Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Count Down Begins

Good Evening Everyone,

This week has been very relaxing. My dad has been busy doing paper work and getting ready for his transplant. The date he will officially be going to the Mayo is March 25th. He has a two day session on the 21st for final testing but on the 25th he will start chemo. The test results haven't come back to us yet so receiving radiation is still a possibility. Once he makes it through the chemo the stem cells will be given to him (around April 1st) and if his body accepts them he will be able to live in the transplant house with my mom. This whole process is supposed to take about three months and his projected release date is July 10th although taking things one day at a time is the best approach! I have every belief that my dad will make it through this but words of encouragement to him (letter, text, email etc.) might help boost his spirits. It is an extremely daunting and risky thing to undergo. As always thank you for your love and support!
~Laura Katchmark

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