Monday, March 18, 2013

Set Back

Good Evening Everyone,

I hope your last few days have been pleasant and warm! Spring is right around the corner and something higher than the 20's might be nice:) A few days ago my dad received the news that his brother Dean could no longer be the donor because of results indicating that he has nodules in his lungs. He went from being a potential donor to a patient at the Mayo clinic and goes back on Wednesday for a follow up appointment. My dad's brother John is heading down to Mayo tomorrow for the day to begin his lab work because he was also a match for my dad. He returns to the clinic on Thursday to begin his physical and at this point any health issues that would prevent him from becoming a donor should show up. If he passes the exam he will begin his shots of neupogen which will stimulate the growth of his stem cells and then after his fifth day they will collect his cells for my dad. As of now the transplant date is unknown because of this set back, but the doctors are trying to keep everything in motion for an early April transplant. Thank you for your love and support!
~Laura Katchmark

Tim's Quote of the Day:)

"If you run into a wall, keep running into it because your bound to break through!"

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