Saturday, March 2, 2013


Good Morning Everyone!

My parents returned home last night and are very happy to have some time to rest! The testing went very well for my dad. Every day they had him doing multiple tests to determine his overall health so that they can figure out a "plan of attack." They also wanted to see if he will need radiation or not. One of the main differences between the U of M and the Mayo was that the U did radiation automatically where as the Mayo takes everything into consideration. The results of these tests will be coming to us soon! As of now the tentative date for the transplant is March 25th. If everything goes as planned he will have nine days of chemo that will wipe out his entire system and then they will give him the stem cells. His brother Dean is going to the Mayo on the 14th for a similar testing process to be able to donate these cells to my dad. I will post again in the next two days and update the status of the results. As always thank you for your constant love and support!
~Laura Katchmark

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  1. L,can you send your address to Steve's email Steven.j.Schrader @ Our prayers are with your family every day. Let your dad I think he is Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman all wrapped into one! (Wonder Woman because I think women are WAY stronger than men). Lots of love and prayers to all of you. Marsha